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Owner Credit Redemption – Easy Credit Redemption – Consolidation of loans

You have your own accommodation and the credit for your main residence is repaid, but you can no longer manage to make ends meet because you are in debt? Or do you combine a mortgage with several consumer loans and your financial guarantees are weak?

Buying homeowners’ credit may well be the solution you need to refinance your loans.

Buying homeowners

We consolidate all your loans into one, with a single, lighter monthly payment and you get a new loan better suited to your personal situation.You are in possession of a valuable asset, which makes it easier for you to obtain a loan repurchase because in the event of difficulty of payment, you have your accommodation as collateral. In addition, we can consider the purchase of consumer loans or the purchase of mortgage loans.

The first solution concerns the owners of their main residence who have already paid off their mortgage but who have several consumer loans. In this case, the restructuring will reduce the monthly payments.

The second solution concerns people in the process of home ownership, that is to say who have not finished paying off their mortgage. If the monthly installments are too heavy to bear, you can perfectly subscribe to a credit consolidation which will be defined according to the remaining capital due from the mortgage compared to the total amount of the repayment.

If this share is greater than 60%, then it will be necessary to resort to mortgage consolidation. Otherwise, it will be a grouping of consumer credit.

Benefits of Homeowner Loan Redemption

Benefits of Homeowner Loan Redemption

The repurchase of credit for the owners really aims at increasing your borrowing capacity and this operation is not only intended for people in situation of over-indebtedness. The restructuring of your budget will allow you to replace the already existing credits in a single loan.

With the repurchase of loan intended for the owners of their real property, the fall of the monthly payments of the repayment of credits can go from 30 to 60%. You thus find a debt ratio compatible with your income.

In addition, you benefit from new cash flow to finance projects that you have not yet been able to realize. This may include, among other things, the carrying out of additional work to bring added value to the property. With this new financing capacity, you can save to overcome a drop in wages or simply to help your family who is going through a difficult situation.

On the other hand, if you have too many debts and you want to settle them, the repurchase of owner loan will make your daily life easier. Your budget is rebalanced and it becomes more easily controllable. So you know better where you are in your reimbursements. The credit pool specifically designed for homeowners brings together all your outstanding loans, regardless of their rate or duration.

Submit your credit redemption request and you will quickly receive a response in principle. The procedure is non-binding and free, we study your file to guide you in your efforts. Request your credit redemption by clicking here

Credit repurchase with cash and its principle.

The projects abound, but, for lack of financial means, you tell yourself that you will never be able to materialize them. In addition, you have not yet finished paying off your debts. Do not lose hope, a reliable solution presents itself: the repurchase of credit with cash.

Principle of the repurchase of cash credits

Principle of the repurchase of cash credits

Do you have several types of credit, such as home loans or consumer loans, in the process of being repaid from financial institutions? It consists of consolidating all these credits into one for overall monthly payments. It will save you from repaying different credits and debts each month.

We specialize in the repurchase of credits to give our customers the opportunity to have only one credit with one repayment. This operation is also called restructuring, consolidation or refinancing.

It allows you to finance a new project while helping you optimize your monthly payments. The objective of the borrower, in a repurchase of credits, is to decrease his monthly payments and, consequently, the debt ratio.

We will make sure to advise you and direct you to the terms that best suit your needs. Thus, a repurchase of credit can allow you to finance a new project in the short term and thus save you from the additional costs relating to a second credit.

Cash: security savings

Cash: security savings

If you are looking for financing adapted to a new project, while you still have a credit repayment in progress, this cash solutions will be the ideal solution. The goal is to build up security savings in order to rebalance the new monthly installments as well as one’s own income.

Cash, when included in the repurchase of credits, is therefore limited to 15% of the total amount. This cash, also called free use, is released when it is signed. Thus, cash will allow you to take advantage of your loan repurchase to finance a new project.

The method of including cash in the repurchase of credits will have to facilitate the management of your budget. You will know exactly what you are paying back each month, with cash included in your new monthly installments. Finally, the cash can be free or allocated to a project. Its amount is fixed by your own care according to your needs.

How to benefit from it?

How to benefit from it?

To benefit from it, submit your project on our site, an adviser will study your file and offer you a formula adapted to your profile. The criteria at play to optimize this credit buy-back are: the debt ratio before and after the operation, the number of your previous credits, the number and frequency of repayment incidents, your age, your professional status, your situation family.

However, in order to define your debt ratio, we may have to take into account family allowances, your possible unemployment income, your property income. Finally, to be sure you get it, make sure you have the best borrower profile.

When submitting the application file, you will be recommended to anticipate and negotiate any incidents, such as problems, unforeseen or not, which may arise when paying one or more monthly payments. In such cases, your cash should be used as a safety net.

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